Bone Collector
sculpted by John Pinkerton
Pinkerton Studios

by Jim Bertges

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If I was painting this one just for myself, I would have gone with darker fur and skin tones, but since my "client" wanted this particular example of early man to be an albino, I followed his wishes. For the fur color I slowly built up to pure white from a base of tan. As you can imagine there was lots of dry brushing involved with various shades of Delta Creamcoat whites, Old Parchment, Antique White, Ivory and finally just plain White. The skin had the same basic tan basecoat, but I used oil paints to tone down the color and give him a light pink flesh color, I used only "Flesh Tint" and white for the general skin tone, then added details with Raw Sienna. The base was done mostly with tans and whites with a bit of Createx Transparent Dark Brown in the eye sockets and nose holes of the skulls. I was surprised to discover a little lizard on the base lurking among all the bones, John Pinkerton is full of surprises.