"Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger"
Monster in Motion
Built & Painted
Olivier Albin "BandWFrog"

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I did this kit after a 9 months hiatus. Shortly after I joined the
clubhouse I stopped modeling. Weird huh ? I may have been scared of even
trying after seeing all the talented people posting their pieces. Nahhhh.
Stuff happens and my energies were going somewhere else. Anyway. I really
wanted to get back into it so I went at it the easy (lazy) way. Easy as far
as the painting goes because putting this guy together wasn't a walk in the
park. Big seam lines on each sides of its body and legs and "helmet". It
took me a while to send it smooth. Once that was done, positioning the
spear took some work also. The painting was as easy as I could make it.
Primed it grey and then went to the store and bought a can of gold spray
paint and shot it from all angles.
I thought of weathering him a bit by using Tamya Clear Smoke (Thanks for
the advice on the General Modeling board Lodger) but then? I didn't. My
excuse ? In the movie he looks very "clean" and bright. So I'm not too
happy with it because I went lazy on it but I am actually really happy with
the base. Especially the broken stones behind him. It was my first try at a
wash and I improved my drybrushing skills with it. It doesn't show on the
picture but I think the stone looks very nice.