Max Factory
Built & Painted by
Olivier Albin

Love the look of the Guyver.
The movies are fun too and a "Z flick" kinda way.
 I unashamedly copied Jerry Buchanan paint scheme with this one.
(Hey at the time I didn't know I would join a cool
clubhouse and show my stuff to other people)  Let's call it ? An homage to a
master ! Mr. Buchanan's website was one of the first ones I found when I
got into this hobby. And between his gallery and the links he has on there,
I was hooked for life. So much resources. Thank you for your site.
Once again, all airbrushed because I didn't know any other technique.
Medium blue basecoat and 2 or 3 shades of lighter blues for the highlights
and plain white for the lines randomly airbrushed all over. I used a thin
black point marker for the "cracks" in the armor. When (if) I try my hand at
a Dio, I want to use this piece with the Guyver Zanoid. The poses of these
2 kits scream dio imho.

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