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Olivier Albin

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This is Devilman, by my favorite artist/sculptor Takayuki Takeya.
My favorite genre in this hobby is Japanese  "monster/sci-fi/weird/gory" kits.
Anything put out by Fewture is a must in my book.
I only have 4 of them so far so I have a way to go.
This version of Devilman is such an amazing, detailed piece. And it's vinyl !
It was my 4th  kit or so, so again, I didn't know about drybrushing or
washes. He is mostly airbrushed with different shades of blues and greys.
I learned to do smaller lines with this piece and I think I still had a
single action airbrush at the time. I hand-painted the eyes (they blow) and
the fingers and those weird orange tips in his back. I chose blue because
of all the images I had seen of Devilman, I had never seen him done in
blue. Not much to explain here. I did some strange color combinations (blue
and orange) in the back and I think it looks really cool. Problem is, I
don't really remember how I did it. I'm working on the Fewture Nina
Darkness right now and I hope I'll be able to reproduce what I did there on
her "mutated" arm. I have another Devilman on my stash and I can't wait to
do it to see how much better he looks now that I have learned new