Clockwork Orange

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Olivier Albin "BandWFrog"

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One of my all time movies by one of my all time favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick.
I found the casting a little rough but there wasn't any air bubbles or big seams.
He was mostly airbrushed since I didn't know anything about drybrushing or
washes when I painted him. The details (his eyes, cufflinks and boots) were
hand painted because I'm not that good with an airbrush. I still stink big
time with eyes and it shows with Alex. I found a couple of tutorials on the
Clubhouse boards recently so I hopefully I will improve eventually.
I primed him white and basecoated white with a touch of grey so that I
could use plain white for highlighting the creases of his shirts/paints.
I'm pretty happy with his face even though it's a little too pink/red.
I was just learning to do small spots/lines with the airbrush
when I painted him.
The floor was a pain to do. It took me hours to cut small squares with 3M
masking tape and apply them. But I like the look of the floor so it was
worth it since it contrast well with Alex who is also very back and white