"Golden Voyage of Sinbad"
Monster in Motion
Built & Painted by
Olivier Albin "BandWFrog"

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This one is one of my favorite kits for several reasons.
For starters, I remember the movie (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad),
and especially the scene where Kali comes alive and fights Sinbad, fondly.
I also love it because with it I learned Texture Stamp(ing).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Bertges who,
on the General Modeling board, answered my question about what to do
when sanding a bad seam flattens the texture of the kit.
He explained in very simples terms how to do a stamp with liquid latex.
The stamping technique is top notch. Thanks again Jim.
Kali came with some bad seams/fits on her shoulder "joints",
arms (6 of 'em no less! ) and legs. Now, even if you
look closely, you have to squint to see anything.
The last reason this is one of my favorite kits is that I feel that I really
improved my wash technique.
I used to leave rings and such but on Kali, it worked great.
She looks weathered and dirty.
Thank's to everyone for posting tips on washes
and ratio paint/thinner to achieve a good wash.
Now let's hope it wasn't just a fluke.

Assembling her was easy but there was quite a bit of puttying and sanding
and texture stamping involved. I can't say that I was impressed by the
quality of the kit (same goes for Monsters In Motion Minotron). I primed
her Grey with a Home Depot spray can but I can't remember the brand. I then
airbrushed the basecoat using a Tamiya dark blue. Next I airbrushed some
totally random highlights using two different lighter shades of my basecoat
blue. (My recurrent problem is that I'm afraid of strong contrasts at this
point, so the highlights are always there but too subtle maybe.) I then
applied a black wash. Didn't feel that I needed to do any drybrushing. I
liked the way she looked with just the paint and wash. The base and stairs
were coated dark brown and drybrushed with 2 lighter shades of browns and a
soft grey. I used Creamcoat paint for this part. The jewelery, urn and chest
were basecoated black and drybrushed with various metallic paint (King's
gold and Copper) from Creamcoat. I finished with her swords. I masked her
hands with liquid latex, basecoated the swords black and dyrbushed
Creamcoat silver and gold. The reference photos I had showed shiny "new"
swords but I wanted it them to be as weathered as the statue itself.
All in all this was a great learning experience working on Kali