Figure Models

The models in the Model Museum.
Styrene plastic, resin, vinyl, and original sculpts of these characters
are submitted by members of the Clubhouse Modeling Community.

All Female Figure Models can be found HERE

Model Manufacturerer Modeler
Aries God of War Sculpted by Rocco Tom Bonaldi
Ezio Assassins Creed


Frank Gray
"Frank Thing"

Black Bear  Pic 2


Daniel Salcines

Black Rhino

Dark Carnival

Phillip Sera

Blue Marlin  Pic 2  Pic 3

Precision Plastics

Ken Kwilinski
"Ken Kwil"

Buzz Aldrin

Lunar Models

Jamie Cook

Cyrano de Bergerac  Pic 2   Pic 3

sculpted by
Tim Bruckner

Andreas Gabriel
Dead Space Issac Clark

sculpted by
Frank Gray

Frank Gray
"Frank Thing"
Grenadier Sniper  Pic 2   Pic 3


Keiran Murphy

King Of Pain

Resin Realities

John Petik

Knight Conversion of
Headless Horseman Kit:
View 1  View 2

Polar Lights

Norman Piatt  

Lighthouse  Pic 2   Pic 3

Pic 4
   Pic 5
Lindberg Ken Kwil
Lion Plaque Paradoxx Resin Dan Cope
Lion Plaque in White Paradoxx Resin Nornam Piatt
Major Matt Mason Converted Nightlife Blank Jamie Cook
Manphibian  View 2 Action Hobbies Dan Cope
Master Chief Halo unknown Frank Gray
"Frank Thing"
Medieval Knight Imai Steve Sturgis

Spyda Creations

Jason Adams

Mountain Gorilla Revell Jim Bertges
Neil Armstrong  Pic 2  Pic 3


Rich Lobinske

Numa the Lion  Pic 2  Pic 3  Pic 4



Rage in the Cage Wrestling
Wolfman conversion

Polar Lights

Crazy Mike

Roman Chief Centurian  Pic 2  Pic 3 Verlinden Productions Martin Garratt
Seventh Seal  Pic 2  Pic 3  Pic 4 Swede Creations Michael Bilbrey
Tali Zora Vas Normandy
Mass Effect Video Game

sculpted by
Frank Gray

Frank Gray
"Frank Thing"
Vietnam Memorial Monogram Ken Kwil
Vietnam Memorial


Stanley Mindiola

Viking 950 AD Pic 2  Pic 3

Valiant Miniatures

Paul Helfrich

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