Polar Lights Models
Polar Lights models in the Model Museum.
Styrene plastic, resin, vinyl, and original sculpts 
are submitted by members of the  Clubhouse Modeling Community.

Model Modeler
Batmobile / Batplane see Batman Models
Dick Tracy Space "Pepsi" Coupe John "Doctor" Payne
Dracula and  Dracula's Dragster see Vampires
Godzilla and Godzilla's Go Kart see Godzilla Models
Guillotine Trevor Ylisaari
Hunchback Bellringer models see Hunchback of Notre Dame
Jetsons see Humorous Models
Kiss see Rock n' Roll Models
Mach 5  Pic 2  Pic 3

Paul Burnett

Mummy and Mummy's Chariot see Mummy Models
Munsters see Humorous Models
Mr. Norm's Dodge Charger Ken Kwil
Phantom of the Opera see Phantom Models
Rodan see Godzilla Models

Ken Kwil


Allen Ury

Titan A.E. Drej Alien "Surfer Boy" (Modified)

Steve Sturgis

Titan A.E. Drej Alien

Bob Jaconetti

Witch, The Salem  Pic 2

Todd Powell
Todd P.

Witch, The Salem

Forrest E. Wasson

Wolfman's Wagon

Rich Danison
" F91"


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