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What is the Model Museum ?
The Model Museum is a collection of built up models submitted by
members of the
Clubhouse Modeling Community. Its intended use
is a gallery to share and learn with other members.
How can I submit my models ?
The Rules & Restrictions are as follows:
1. You must be a member of the Clubhouse with at least 10 posts.
2. Do Not post models for sale. Use the Clubhouse Swap & Sell
READ the Swap and Sell Rules first .
3. Follow the directions on the SUBMIT FORM

Will the Model Museum host my pictures ?
Sorry, due to the unexpected volume the Museum can no longer
host pictures. We will provide a link to your pictures on your
hosting service. If you do not have a hosting service, please ask
the membership to recommend a free or inexpensive service
in the
Do you sell models ?
The simple answer is NO ! The Model Museum receives
NO compensation, nor is it in the business of selling models.
Where can I buy a model I saw in the Museum ?
There are several ways to "try" to  obtain a model posted in the Museum:
1. Many of the modeler names are hyperlinked to their Clubhouse
    accounts. You can contact them through the Clubhouse.  If you are 
    not a member,
you should be, it don't cost you anything.
2. See if the model has been listed as a
Recommended Dealer.
3. Check the
Dealer Locator.
4. Try doing an internet search for the model or manufacturer.
5. Try looking on Ebay (But watch out for
6. Go onto the
Clubhouse Swap & Sell and ask your question.
Recommended Dealers are companies that sell models. 
They have over the years proven to the membership that they
provide a quality product at a fair and reasonable price.  The
Administrators of the Clubhouse do not give the "
Seal of Approval"
lightly. We provide this list so that you can buy your kits with
confidence. We receive NO remuneration from these dealers.
Why are some manufacturers hyperlinked ?
We only link dealers that have been given the Clubhouse
Seal of Approval". These dealers are on our Recommended
Dealers List. Other manufacturers that are listed next to the
model may have gone out of business, but we recommend
that you contact the modeler or ask on the
Forums about any
dealer before you spend your money,

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